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Shyen Top

Age: 24

Why Shyen Created Fetchonista:
"After looking through tonnes of websites and stores to find Christmas sweaters for women, I couldn't find any that were cute, funny and comfortable. I came across one Christmas sweater that reminded me of a hilarious quote in the movie Mean Girls and I began searching frantically, determined to find this type of sweater. I had no luck. So, I took matters into my own hands and created Fetchonista!"

What Makes Shyen's Business Unique: 
"Fetchonista products are designed by women for women. I design every one of my products individually using online tools and love creating custom designs for people."

Shyen's Favourite Landmark In Waterloo Region: 
"I grew up near Mount Trashmore (McLennan Park) and have the best memories walking over and tobagganing down the massive hill that it is!"

Shyen's Favourite Restaurant In Waterloo Region: 
"Ethel's Lounge. Handsdown."

A Fun Fact About Shyen: 
"I'm in the process of becoming a teacher!"