Wu Ceramics

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Mengchao Wu

Hometown: State College, Pennsylvania

Current City: Kitchener

Why Mengchao Created Wu Ceramics:
"Working with clay brings me so much joy, and each piece I make tells a story. I started selling my pottery to help my customers better savor the act of eating, drinking, and connecting with food and friends, and to have usable art in their lives. I love teaching pottery, and I hope to see you in class one day!"

What Makes Mengchao's Business Unique: 

"Each piece is designed and hand crafted, and no two are exactly identical."

Mengchao's Favourite Landmark In Waterloo Region: "Victoria Park"

Mengchao's Favourite Restaurant In Waterloo Region: "Show & Tell Coffee"

A Fun Fact About Mengchao: 
"My name is pronounced "men-chow" and you can remember it by imagining men gathering around a table and chowing down."

Instagram: @wuceramics